Salt of the Earth
December 2008 - Vol 10; No 12

Social justice news from SOTE

December 10:
Vatican wins award for creating rooftop solar-power generator
Book details faith foundation of farmworker movement, author says

November 7:
In tough economy, agency sees 40 percent increase in calls for help
Unaccompanied migrant and refugee children a U.S. and global issue
Forum examines response to torture by U.S. in interrogating prisoners

October 29:
CCHD supports community organizing as one means to address injustice
University president, archbishop sign petition to ban torture
World Banks says high food prices threaten mean 44 million increase in global hungry
Pax Christi honors Brazilian bishop for his efforts to save river

October 10:
Archbishop hopes to see real work on immigration begin after election

October 6:
Industrial farming takes money away from rural areas, study says
Catholic Charities looks to improve affordable housing options
People must live morally, ethically, to save environment, says pope

October 1:
Campaign '08: Once allies on immigration, Obama, McCain now diverge
Faith-based invesitors issue statement on market collapse
Oxfam condemns lethargic reaction to global food crisis

September 22:
U.S. Goals for Iraqi Refugees are Inadequate
Pope appeals to UN for more guarantees of economic justice
CRS responds to Cuba hurricane crisis

September 8:
Economic gap requires response by Christians, says Vatican official
Pope calls for 'effective political response' to immigration crisis
Solar panels on Vatican hall first of several projects, says engineer

September 2:
Percentage changes small, but numbers up for poverty in United States
Convention panel stakes out interests on immigration
Canadian group hopes to fight treatment of refugees at Supreme Court

In session
Congressmen outline proposal to ban sex-selection abortions in U.S.
Catholic Charities USA urges Congress not to forget Main Street while rescuing Wall Street
CRS urges Congress to preserve global food aid
U.S. Bishops urge 'economic stimulus' priority for poor families

Stat house
SIERRA LEONE: Child and maternal mortality worst in the world

Salt shakers
Franciscans sell coffee to benefit aging sisters, Honduran farmers
First saplings of Vatican reforestation project to be planted

Idea exchange
Thousands set to 'fast' from media violence October 12
Maryknoll offers foreign policy campaign guide

good newsMargin notes: From U.S. Catholic
Home sweet biohazard
There's no place like home, as long as parents prevent it from becoming toxic.

I think I can, I think I can
A 19th-century mode of transport may be the answer to our current environmental woes.

Womb for rent
Have infertile couples taken a maternity leave of their senses?

Hot enough for you?

The world's poor face an even bleaker future than polar bears, thanks to global warming.

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Saint Dorothy Day?
The Vatican calls Catholic Worker founder Dorothy Day a "Servant of God" and begins the process of her canonization. Read about the Claretian connection to Day's canonization.

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